If it's in 3 dimensions, we can make it

We create objects in polystyrene using computer controlled machines.  These are generally one off or low volume pieces.  We can use a client’s electronic model, scan an existing shape or create a model from a design brief.

We specialise in the reproduction and enlargement of 3D objects in polystyrene foam.
We utilise state of the art computerised technology including:

3D laser scanner
2D/3D computer modelling
CNC machining centres

Existing objects can be scanned or have one of our artists sculpt a small, three dimensional, clay model from your concept. We can also start with drawings, photos or 3D computer models.

The process is extremely fast and accurate.
More cost effective than traditional hand carving methods
Ideal for one-off or small quantities.

The sculpted foam object is given a hard durable coating which can be textured and paint to the clients requirements.

Skull-Installation-Southern-Cross-sml.jpg hero3.jpg hero5.jpg Skull-Installation-Team-sml.jpg Popcorn--Box-sml.jpg Gold-Shoe-sml.jpg hero2.jpg